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Terms and Conditions

The terms below apply to use of your Seasonal Hospitality Facilities. In particular, we ask you to note the following:
Manchester United operates a strict dress code, with which all Ticket Holders and their guests are required to comply. Ticket Holders will be charged for damage caused during the use of their facilities, save for reasonable wear and tear. If you fail to provide your menu choices (if applicable) within the required period of notice before a match then the Club cannot guarantee that it will be able to provide them. You will not receive any refund if your facilities are cancelled by the Club following a breach of any of these terms and conditions, save to the extent the Club resells those facilities. The terms and conditions below contain further details on each of these points.

Download: Seasonal Hospitality Terms and Conditions – Season 2015/16

Download: Seasonal Hospitality Terms and Conditions – Season 2016/17

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